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Weight loss Tips At Home


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we cant ignore this main meal here is the healthy breakfast options.

VegetarianNon Vegetarian
Vegetable PohaBoiled edd whites & Milk
MilkEgg White french Toast
Mueseli/OatsScrambled Egg and toast
Namkeen DaliyaMasala Omelette & Toast
Idli/Idli SambharBoiled Chicken Sandwich
Vegetable Sandwich
Paneer Sandwich
Oats Maggi
1 Stuffed Paratha(low oil)
Besan chila
Toast & Vegetable
Toast & daal
Chana & Rajmah Chaat
Milk & Toast

Don’t forget to include milk in your daily breakfast.
Above breakfast options are very healthy and giving you good nutrition and metabolism boost

Mid morning snacks:

our busy working schedule we skip this one meal or do not feel hungry to eat but we need to have this small meal here is the healthy mid morning snacks options

Coconut Water With malaai
Green Tea
1 fist Bhuna chana
1 fist murmura
1 fist diet namkeen
Dry Fruits(5 almonds, 2 cashew nut, 2 walnuts, 2 kishmish
Fruit & Fruit Salad


Some daal chapati vegetable and salad add in lunch and salad add the much required fibre to our diet some healthy lunch options given below

VegetarianNon Vegetarian
1 bowl sauteed vegtables & toast1 bowl non veg salad
1 plate dahi bhalla6 inch non veg subway with mint sauce & seasoning
2 bowl vegetable and curd/raitahome made chicken kathi roll
1 bowl soup & 1 bowl salad veg
1 bowl rice & 1 bowl daal/chane/rajma/kadhi(without pakora)
6 inch subway veg with mint sauce & seasoning)
vegetable garlic bread(without cheese if losing weight)
5-6 pcs paneer tikka with salad
homemade vegetable katthi roll

Evening Snacks:

officially evening time is known as Tea or Coffee time and wherever we are home office ae all of us go in for our favourite tea and coffee here is the evening snacks options

bhel puri
4-5 pcs gol gappe
diet/ roasted namkeen
bhuna chana
2pc dhokla or khandvi
2 boiled egg whites
Any fruit
1 toast sprouts

basically evening time is Tea time and all of us go for tea/ coffee/green tea


we must have our dinner by 6:30 to 7:30pm but our lifestyle & busy eorking schedule we can take our dinner by 8:30 or 9:00 pm not later than healthy dinner options are given below.

VegetarianNon Vegetarian
1 bowl thupka soup ( with big vegetables & noodles)5-6 med. Pcs tandoori chicken/fish tikka & salad
Dinner4-5 pcs reshmi chicken
milk muesli/oats1 bowl chicken salad(no dressing)
sprouts6 inch subway
1 soya chaap roll2-3 pcs homemade chicken and chapatti
sauteed veges with toastscambled egg white and chapatti
5-6 pcs paneer tikkahomemade chicken seekh rool
1 homemade kaathi roll (paneer/mushroom/mix veg filling)boiled egg whites and toast
6 inch subway

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